on Saturday, November 17, 2012
J.Crew Ella Cotton-blend Piqué Dress, Topshop Paisley Embellished Short, J.W. Anderson for Topshop Quilted Paisley Silk Tee

Paisley is probably my favourite type of print right now. I've been thinking about buying a few paisley pieces since the beginning of the year. It's so damn... Cool. Although, in all honesty, I don't see myself wearing classic paisley any time soon. It's not quite me. I can only really fathom myself wearing less literal forms of the print.

Bright Crochet

Shakuhachi Psychedelic Crochet Dress, Gudbling on Etsy Bracelet, Becca Marbella Crochet Swimdress, Jeffrey Campbell Tilton, ModCloth Darling Got the Job Jacket, Antik Batik Crochet Pouch.

Summer finished a month ago, yet lately I've been wanting to dress in bright coloured crochet... Maybe it's not just for summer after all.

to the moon

on Sunday, November 11, 2012

Species by the Thousands Moon Phase Earring Set, Dogeared Whispers Moon Necklace, TopShop Purple Moons Ankle Socks, Jacquie Aiche White Diamond Mini Moon Waif Ring, Wildfox Couture Moon Potion Roadtrip Sweater Dress, Nasty Gal Leah Necklace, Minimarket Space Shoe Wood Wedge Sandal

I'm sort of over galaxy print. I've been obsessed with it ever since Christopher Kane did it for his 2011 Resort collection just over two years ago. I feel like it's no longer (for lack of a better word) fresh. I don't get excited seeing it anymore. Something needs to take its place. I'm putting my money on moons.

But I see your true colours shining through

I’ve been waiting a long time for Lush to dip their toes in the vegan makeup niche. I like to buy things I can show off, and no one can see I've used a bath bomb. Granted, they already have the Colours Supplements range of foundations/concealers - as well as an array of lip glosses, lip scrubs, dusting powders and body tints - but it’s still a relatively new expedition for the company.
The new range is called Emotional Brilliance and includes some very wild lip colours, eye shadows and eye liners, as well as some more natural coloured skin tints.

milk skates

on Thursday, November 8, 2012

kennel no. 5

on Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ugh. So. Much. School. Hence the lack of posting (excluding tumblr, but that shit is easy... I can tumblr in my sleep).

Luckily for me, there's only a few assembly-filled days left to battle through. I'm not so much overwhelmed by the end-of-year workload (hey, I basically already have the highest endorsement), but completely overcome by the surreal nature of everything finally ending. I'm never going to be in high school ever again (unless something drastically unfavourable occurs - i.e. me becoming a teacher... OH GOD NO). I'm never going to fear detention again. I don't have to sit on the ground when I don't want to. I don't have to do rubbish duty...

I'd be lying if I said I was happy. I'm really not. I'm ECSTATIC!

But it's not over yet. I still have until Wednesday next week until I can finally deem myself a fully grown woman. So, enjoy this video whilst I recuperate my thoughts.

Check out my new tumblr. And if you have any questions, hello!

News years style resolutions:

I'm not one to make New Years resolutions. Because for one, I'm already perfect, and two, I forget them immediately after making them. (Although, four years ago I did decide I would start dancing in public as a New Years resolution. It worked out a bit too well. I'm always the first person to start dancing at every party I attend now - and also often the only one dancing.)

Alas, for the sake of having an excuse to buy things, here are my New Years style resolutions. These are the things I will be wearing this year... assuming the apocalypse is still not happening. 

1. A confusing maxi dress
Ah the maxi, so much fabric, so little movement. For so long I have been under the illusion that to wear a maxi, it must be simple with little to no pattern. This year I will challenge this idea and buy a maxi with a print that warps with movement and makes passer-bys dizzy.

2. An awesome leather jacket
Leather jackets are cool. The end.

3. Jacquard print
Contrary to popular belief (I just wanted to say that, I don't know what you all think), I love everything lavish and luxe. I'd rather wear a coat dripping in crystals than a denim jacket to school -- although sadly, I only own the latter. Beneath this moderately-minimalist exterior is a Marie Antoinette waiting to burst out. This year I'm hoping to encourage myself to be a bit more adventurous with my dressing. I think the jacquard print is a good way to start.

4. Embellished crop tops and dresses
Blame Jetsetbohemian for igniting my love of embellished crop tops and dresses.  Ever since visiting their now defunct Newmarket store in late 2011, I have been obsessing over heavy garments with complex embellishment. I love how delicate and pretty embellished garments are up close, but when you hold them they're unexpectedly heavy like armour, or a swamp suit.

5. Platform sandals 
And I will wear them with a white shift dress and be transported back to the 90s where chill music will be playing and the ocean breeze with be making the candles surrounding me flicker every so slightly.

portfolio shoot by fiona quinn

on Monday, October 22, 2012


on Monday, October 15, 2012

pyjama days

on Wednesday, October 10, 2012
T by Alexander Wang Stripe Linen Tee, Lanvin Resin Lips & Swarvoski Brass Necklace, Ruby Paradis Pant, Jil Sander Navy Elastic Platform Sandal

I’m not going to lie. Recently my life has been particularly unglamorous. I tend to be getting dressed out of my pyjamas around midday, and even then I’m simply changing into something remarkably similar in terms of respectability and taste (read: sack dresses and leggings as pants). However, I will make a point that for the past few days my hair has been fantastic. I did my first milk braid (see on my instagram) and instead of the usual chum (or chump), my mother has been calling me Helga. Upgrade? Probably.

So you may be wondering the reason for my life being about as fulfilling as a sea anemone’s… It is because I have three assignments to complete before school starts up again on Monday. It is particularly frightening, especially considering this work is the difference between getting a scholarship to university and not. Then there's the "BUT WHAT WILL I EVEN STUDY???" conundrum. I don't even know if I'm having a gap year (or three?). 

Nonetheless, I’ve managed to force myself to do at least four hours work each day towards them (note: this may seem like not much, but considering how uninterested in the topics I am, I consider it a great accomplishment).

Enjoy some Kimbra. She's like totally used to live up the road from me (my claim to fame).

We are The Lovelorn

Unhappy because of unrequited love.

Fashion is a fickle mistress. As Heidi Klum so eloquently states (ad nauseum) on Project Runway, “One day you're in, the next day you're out.” Never have words so wise and true emanated from the mouth of a fashion industry icon (except perhaps for Karl’s “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat” EDIT: Demi made that up and it got in American Vogue, as well as other places).

Three black beanies

For the past six or so months I've been looking at people in beanies and thinking "well, you look like an absolute dick." The whole beanies in summer thing I simply do not get.
But since its bean getting cooler, every time I see someone in a beanie I've been thinking the exact opposite (in a metaphorical way still geez).
You lose heat from your head like any other part of your body, so cover that darn thing.
So in learning this profound piece of information, I decided to buy not one, but three beanies. Black beanies. Three black beanies... 
In terms of black beanies, I'm set for life.

Wild things

So apparently we’re all supposed to be dead right now. Gutted.

There’s so much I wanted to see before I died… Lana Del Rey and Grimes creating a song together, Jennifer Lawrence for Chanel, Swarovski for MAC, Julia Nobis for Victoria's Secret… Oh, and leaving New Zealand for the first time and seeing the Eiffel Tower and/or Times Square would have been nice (side note: If anyone with a charitable heart -perhaps too much so- is reading this, help a girl out x).

Both the dress and headband here are from Tobi. I love how understated, yet edgy they are, especially paired together.

Tobi is probably my favourite online store right now. It ticks all the boxes. For one, it’s cheap - even more so with the 50% off your first order. They have a huge range, so you’re bound to find something you like. 

Probably the main reason I like Tobi though is the free international shipping over $150. Shipping costs are the main reason I don’t shop online all that often, so when I saw Tobi had free shipping I whipped out my (mum’s) credit card immediately. BUT I was charged over $100 in taxes and duties for my Tobi parcel. I blame adding the shoes to the order; they increased the size of the parcel by threefold and bumped the price of the order over the tax-free safety zone. I’m over it now though. (No I'm not.)


This is my somewhat historically inaccurate attempt at being a bit of a teddy boy. 
The top is vintage from the 80s. It was probably an older lady's favourite bowling top. Something she wore on a Friday night to "jazz things up". I like making up stories for my vintage clothing. Wondering who wore them and what they did in them is particularly intriguing. Maybe they won the lottery in this garment, or wore it on their first date with their lifelong love. 
The creepers are from a gothic boutique and are Demonia. I wouldn't recommend them as the soles fell off after the first wear and they are wearing away remarkably quickly.
The coated jeans are from Glassons. The pose makes them look a bit ill-fitting, but I assure you, they fit amazingly (almost as good as their super stretch skinny jeans). 
The sunglasses are a gift from my brother, the Christmas before last, and they are by Le Specs.

Do you buy secondhand/vintage clothing? If so, what sort of characters do you think wore your clothing before you? Drop me a comment!

T party

Inct Banana, Tee Party Internet Gangsta, Tee Party Evil, Cool Try Vegetables.
I love stupid t shirts.
I love Young Wonder just as much.


Prada’s 2013 spring/summer collection was a modern take on 50s nostalgia and Japanese street style. Extreme platforms were a nod to Harajuku girls. Prim dresses and skirts paired with elegant coats and a white fur wrap bared a striking resemblance to the retro woman of the mid 19th century.
Origami folded satin in shades of soft pink, black and white gave a sense deliberateness. Harsh rectangular appliqué patches offset the cautious tailoring of the garments. However most striking was the use of fur, complete with Warhol-esque red flowers, that offered an escape from conventional spring fabrics. I can imagine a chic traveller in one of these coats, ditching the warmer months for trees dripping with icicles and horizonless scenes of snow and sky. Travelling by train perhaps.

Consider this collection an exploration into a girl’s transition into womanhood. This is a time where she is expected to have indentified what is appropriate for her to wear, that is, what is accepted by society.

Essentially, by this time she has well and truly become a product of society’s teachings. In theory that is.

But the woman in this collection is different. She dictates her own personal style through her personal background, experiences and tastes. She is told to not wear fur in winter, but she does anyway. She is told that the soles of her shoes should be flat, so she wears exaggerated platforms. She is told her lipstick must be applied to her natural lip, but again, her ears are closed to this “rule”.

In the beginning of his Spring 2013 collection at NYFW, Prabal Gurung toyed with the concept of minimalism with deliciously tailored wholly black and white ensembles. Gradually he brought back the familiar, heavily-engineered prints, first in shades of red and then blue. Silk georgette in stark white and murky blues and reds was particularly salient in establishing the dreamlike aesthetic of the collection. Conversely black necklines on the angelic dresses and a grim ribcage design down the middle of several of the looks enforced the dark undertones.

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