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on Saturday, December 22, 2012

non-boring eveningwear

on Tuesday, December 18, 2012

(Left) Zambesi Besti Top, Topshop Premium Painted Leather Skirt, K.T.Z. Champion Metal Boots 
(Right) ASOS Velvet Cat Eye Sunglasses, Topshop **LIMITED EDITION Bird Print Dress, Motel Pretty Polly Black Suspender Tights

I love evening looks that challenge the concept of femininity. A lot of young women (including myself) are so prone to restricting themselves when it comes to eveningwear, almost always opting for a pretty cocktail dress (90% of the time resembling this) or a tight bandage dress a la Herve Leger. It’s so expected.

I’m not saying it’s always a bad thing; I just I feel as though we’d all have a lot more fun if we took the occasional risk with eveningwear.

Instead of wearing a dress, wear a skirt (or even better, pants) and top. Try ditching the boring fabric, and endeavour to wear vibrant prints at night. Maybe even go Kanye and pop on a pair of sunglasses. Have fun with it!

trend: stripes

on Friday, December 14, 2012
I as a bit hesitant to call stripes a trend.

I live in stripes all year round. I feel like a wardrobe without stripes might as well be a wardrobe without shoes. Stripes don’t ever really go “out” of fashion; they just come more “in”.

Confused? You should be.

stripes Sportmax, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Jonathan Saunders

The Spring 2013 shows were teeming with stripes, most notably at Marc Jacobs, where you were hard pressed to find models not dressed head to toe in a blurry-eyes-inducing striped outfit. I don’t think I’ll be wearing one of Jacob’s matching striped jacket and a-line skirt combos any time soon, but I’ll definitely be wearing a lot more stripes this summer

Wearing stripes is easy. The trick is to not go overboard. If you haven't joined the stripes bandwagon and want to start integrating stripes into your wardrobe, purchase a classic striped breton shirt. Breton shirts go with absolutely everything and are the epitome of easy chic. Pair with a comfy pair of blue jeans, slim fit black pants or a skater skirt for an effortless outfit. A gold chain, delicate or otherwise, and a block colour necklace are good accessory choices to soften the high neckline.

(From top to bottom) Harper's Bazaar Parisian Street Style, MiH Jeans Breton Striped Top, TopShop Knitted Breton Stripe Jumper, Romwe Off Shoulder Striped T-shirt, Bassike Slub Knit Oversized Top

cheap beauty thrills

on Thursday, December 6, 2012
For the record, materialism is bad. (Very bad. So bad. Oooh so bad).

Long term, acquiring material goods will not make your life any richer or prosperous, it won’t somehow eradicate your troubles and give you a brighter outlook on life... And a shrine will *probably* not be erected in honour of your supreme level of happiness.

Sooooo now we’ve got that cleared up, short term, materialism can be a fantastic way to turn your day from okay to totallyfreakinfabulous. But you don't need to buy something designer or imported from France to get the new-thing buzz. These products will make your day without wreaking havoc on your bank account.

Gorilla solid perfumes at Lush are addictive. You buy one and you instantly want another. I could easily see myself owning them all (hey, they're only $10.90 NZD!). They’re the sort of scents that lead people to ask the self-esteem boosting question “mmm, what’s that perfume you’re wearing?”

The scents are peculiar. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what you’re smelling (except for Vanillary, that’s just a whopping amount of vanilla). My favourites are Dirty and The Smell of Freedom.

Dirty is a men’s fragrance, but I’m told it is used far more by women. Its blend of thyme, tarragon, spearmint, marine and lavender notes reminds me of late night swims in the staunch heat of summer. The description on the website calls it “an invigorating, cathartic breath of fresh air that stirs up something primal.” It’s so good.

The Smell of Freedom smells like how I imagine a 1920s flapper’s dressing room would smell. The scent is rich and heady at first, but quickly absorbs to become the perfect level of strong, but-not-too-strong. The website describes it best, “The Smell of Freedom opens with a fresh, herbal accord and reveals its complex, spicy and woody nature as it warms on your skin. It's a masterpiece.”

Now for some things I don’t own (but want to judging by reviews).

Hair Wear Makeup at Urban Outfitters is reigning in at number one on  my wishlist right now. I remember purchasing pink hairspray for $5 from an in-and-out-in-10-minutes hairdresser as a child. I sprayed the can over my head until both my scalp and hair were an intense shade of hot pink. I didn’t care that it looked like someone had tried to ice my head with strawberry icing. I had pink hair. That in itself is awesome.

There’s something about colouring your hair insane colours that brings instant joy, hence why I want to try this product so badly. I love this shade of lilac, which is just $16.87 NZD.

Still on the temporary bandwagon, check out these Tattly Temporary Tattoos for $6.06 from Urban Outfitters. I mean, it’s a freakin’ bunny! What’s not to like? There are other designs on the website too, which I'm currently swooning over as well.

I'd really like to know, what are some of your favourite cheap thrills? Click the title and leave me a comment below!
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