on Sunday, January 13, 2013

This is my somewhat historically inaccurate attempt at being a bit of a teddy boy.

The top is vintage from the 80s. It was probably an older lady's favourite bowling top. Something she wore on a Friday night to "jazz things up". I like making up stories for my vintage clothing. Wondering who wore them and what they did in them is particularly intriguing. Maybe they won the lottery in this garment, or wore it on their first date with their lifelong love.

The creepers are from a gothic boutique and are Demonia. I wouldn't recommend them as the soles fell off after the first wear and they are wearing away remarkably quickly.

The coated jeans are from Glassons. The pose makes them look a bit ill-fitting, but I assure you, they fit amazingly (almost as good as their super stretch skinny jeans).

The sunglasses are a gift from my brother, the Christmas before last, and they are by Le Specs.

Do you buy secondhand/vintage clothing? If so, what sort of characters do you think wore your clothing before you? Drop me a comment!

Stylist & Model: Jessica Wilson @ Nova (me)
Photographer: Aaron K

saga sig

on Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saga Sig is an Icelandic photographer based in London. Some of her clients have included TopShop, Dazed & Confused UK, I-D Online, Dazed Digital, Nylon Japan, and my one of my favourite shoe designers, Kron by KronKron.

"I like magic, I like the unknown and the unexpected, and I like to make places or everyday surroundings magical." - Saga Sig

Saga Sig's photographs are distinctive in the way they often juxtapose traditional and contemporary aesthetics. This makes for photographs which are unexpected and exceedingly interestingly on both a visual and thought-provoking level. Saga Sig describes her aesthetic as "Feminine, magical and colourful."

Check out her website, and like her Facebook page.

"Beauty comes in all forms, so defining it is almost impossible. For me, beauty is something that inspires. I can see beauty in almost everything around me – in death and life, woman and man. The world would appear shallow without the depth that the shadows create." - Saga Sig

All images from Saga's Flickr.
All quotes from Topman Magazine.

news years style resolutions

on Friday, January 4, 2013
Nasty Gal Outline Maxi Dress, Topshop My Love Ain't Dead Leather Biker, Topshop Paisley Jacquard Full Skirt, Topshop Embellished Crop Top, Miss Selfridge Embellished Fishtail Dress, Feminine And Masculine 1954x

I'm not one to make New Years resolutions. Because for one, I'm already perfect, and two, I forget them immediately after making them. (Although, four years ago I did decide I would start dancing in public as a New Years resolution. It worked out a bit too well. I'm always the first person to start dancing at every party I attend now - and also often the only one dancing.)

Alas, for the sake of having an excuse to buy things, here are my New Years style resolutions. These are the things I will be wearing this year... assuming the apocalypse is still not happening.

1. A confusing maxi dress

Ah the maxi, so much fabric, so little movement. For so long I have been under the illusion that to wear a maxi, it must be simple with little to no pattern. This year I will challenge this idea and buy a maxi with a print that warps with movement and makes passer-bys dizzy.

2. An awesome leather jacket

Leather jackets are cool. The end.

3. Jacquard print

Contrary to popular belief (I just wanted to say that, I don't know what you all think), I love everything lavish and luxe. I'd rather wear a coat dripping in crystals than a denim jacket to school -- although sadly, I only own the latter. Beneath this moderately-minimalist exterior is a Marie Antoinette waiting to burst out. This year I'm hoping to encourage myself to be a bit more adventurous with my dressing. I think the jacquard print is a good way to start.

4. Embellished crop tops and dresses

Blame Jetsetbohemian for igniting my love of embellished crop tops and dresses.  Ever since visiting their now defunct Newmarket store in late 2011, I have been obsessing over heavy garments with complex embellishment. I love how delicate and pretty embellished garments are up close, but when you hold them they're unexpectedly heavy like armour, or a swamp suit.

5. Platform sandals

And I will wear them with a white shift dress and be transported back to the 90s where chill music will be playing and the ocean breeze with be making the candles surrounding me flicker every so slightly.

What are your New Years resolutions? Tell me in the comments :)
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